Welcome to our new blog!

BioData Ltd.I thought about this for a long time. For the past year and a half it was in my task lists. "Open A Blog," something all companies do these days. Especially web companies. Having a company blog also states "I am here for business," so as we drift away from beta to reality I decided to start a blog. So here is our very first blog entry. Who are we?  What do we do?

For those of you that came across this entry not knowing who we are or what we do - this blog describes the activities of our company - BioData and covers features of our prime product BioKM™. We offer a new platform for research management. Assist the PI to see that the research activities are as planned and make sure that the questions being asked get answered.

Each research group has it's own pace, it depends on many factors - some are human factors, some are related to the domain of research, but all research teams can benefit from simple tools to keep the vast amounts of data collected in order.

All members of a team can benefit to know what's going on in their own domain of research. We keep it simple. You can take a tour of our product to learn more about it.

What do you plan to write about?

I consider this blog another way to interact with our existing and future client base, seeing that life science community is now adopting new web-2.0 tools, like SciLink and BioCrowd writing here seems logical. We plan to blog about new features we are adding to BioKM as well as other entries covering featured research our clients conduct.

Have your say!

This is the place for your comments, new ideas, and remarks on what we offer. BioKM™ from the very beginning was based on an open dialog with the research community - this blog is another medium for communication.

You can also follow us on twitter @BioData, @BioKM