The iPad makes its way into the research lab

ipad_in_the_labApple's iPad is making its way to the world of research labs. Biodata Inc. ( is excited to announce that its flag service - BioKM™ - now fully supports Apple's iPad, and that it plans to launch several specifically designed applications for research labs.

"We have seen large investments into equipment in research laboratories," says Jonathan Gross, founder and co-CEO of BioData, “These laboratories need a modern tool to capture, integrate and protect the data generated. In most scenarios bench space is limited, we believe the iPad brings a new and fresh approach towards capturing research data and assisting in management of research laboratories. Our flagship product BioKM™ has been customized to fit and now fully supports the iPad".

BioData is currently working on a dedicated iPad/ELN-like app for BioKM™ users. Researchers will be able to build experiments on their office computer and execute them on the iPad in the lab.

About BioData

Jonathan Gross who is co-CEO with Danny Klein founded BioData in 2007. BioData develops and markets BioKM™ - an online laboratory management tool that helps simplify and connect all aspects of research labs, both in industry and academia.

BioKM’s client base includes laboratories worldwide.

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