The Importance of an Organized Lab

I admit, when it comes to organizing my bench I usually procrastinate as much as I can. I'd bet many who read this feel the same, feeling they have better things to do rather than wasting time on organizing their stuff. But, is it true? Is organizing lab samples, materials and solutions really a waste of time? I am going to convince you that not only is organization a wise investment of time, but also how utilizing lab management services such as BioData’s web based laboratory management system can expedite and make the process easier and much more pleasant.

Reagents and Disposables

Try to remember the last time you went to the chemical shelf and looked for a certain chemical - how much time did it take you to find that reagent? A minute? Five minutes? Or maybe you needed to call the lab manager? No doubt about it, looking for reagents and solutions are one of the most common time wasters in the lab.

It is for this reason, our lab has a centralized place where all chemicals and common solutions are placed. At this point, a lab management system which details the exact position of each chemical and reservoir can be handy when new lab members start to work or when organization changes occur in the lab. In BioData, for example, the storage module can be used for describing every storage place within the lab with great detail (shelves, freezers etc). Solutions or reagents can be associated with certain projects or experiments for easy experiment setup.