The 12 Days of Labguru – Part II: How to Finalize Organizing Your Lab for 2013

In Part I of this post we wrapped up organizing and cataloging all your lab’s papers, protocols, documents and the biological and molecular collections. We’ve gone as far as the 6th day of Christmas. Wondering what you should do in the next 6 days?

Day 7 – Storage Module

The flexible, intuitive Labguru Storage module allows you to quickly know where all materials are located within your lab (from the room level to the storage location and down to the freezer box or shelf). Take the time to specify and create in Labguru all of your lab storage rooms and locations as a group.  Not only will this prepare you to specify the locations of lab materials (in the Materials module - below) and to populate those storage locations with your research reagents and tools, but you will also have a very organized, clean lab to start the year.  When you’ll begin mapping your lab and its storages, chances are, you’ll find some stuff in the back of that freezer that is long past it’s expiration date!

Labguru's Storage module - map your samples down to their exact location in the box

Labguru's Storage module - map your samples down to their exact location in the box

Day 8 & Day 9 – Materials Module

The Materials module is a central collection of all of your lab’s reagents. The module allows uploading of all materials along with the companies and distributors they were ordered from, including contact information, key links to their storage locations, and any description or important data on each. This is essentially the place where you and/or your Lab Manager will moderate what you have, where it is, what experiments each material links to, and how to acquire more when it runs out. From the materials database you may request to order any item by clicking on the cart icon next to it, which will then add the relevant material to Labguru’s Shopping List, for your Lab Manager to monitor, approve and order. Start by uploading your lists of reagents and populating all of your pre-defined storage locations with them, using our handy Excel sheet import tool. Once this is done, you can begin using the ordering system and Shopping List to monitor and track material orders from request to arrival at the lab. Watch the video and learn how to streamline orders of lab supplies:

Day 10 & Day 11 – Research Module

Start using Labguru’s Research module, the heart and soul of Labguru.  This is where you can document all your lab’s research projects and results. Typically, every research question is one Project in your lab. Labguru’s Research module lets you specify all of them with Milestones, defining the stages of discovery, and Experiments, elaborating the individual steps on the way.  Next, you can link those Milestones and Experiments to the relevant protocols, molecular resources, specimens, materials, etc., all of which are already in your Labguru by now! Labguru links are bi-directional, and allow you to maintain the context of each project, providing view of the big research picture with all the details and resources essential for each project, all found within the other modules of Labguru.  You’ll always know where everything is, and how it’s related to your research experiments and results!

Day 12 – Equipment Module

The Equipment module allows you to list all major pieces of laboratory equipment, including pertinent maintenance and upkeep information, and to link all to relevant experiments, projects and other research items within Labguru.  It also allows researchers to schedule time on the equipment in a collaborative, transparent fashion, and eliminate confusion or conflict over equipment use. Start by importing all of your big equipment that requires scheduling for usage.


So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for FREE to learn more about Labguru as your lab turns a new leaf for a more organized, efficient 2013!  Take advantage of our holiday and new year’s sale to start counting down the last days of 2012 and first few days of 2013.  Start by importing all of your big equipment that requires scheduling for usage.

Happy holidays from everyone at Labguru, everyone!