Pre-graduation lab checklist

lab checklist All good (and bad) things come to an end, and your graduate studies are no exception in this respect. Many times graduating students rush the wrapping-up of their degree, leaving things so that another student could not repeat or understand what have they done or where all there samples are located.

Things to do before saying goodbye to your lab...

Six months before your graduation period (which is the time to start your dissertation writing) you should make a checklist of all the stuff that needs to be done by your graduation period. Sit down with the faculty secretary, with your PI and with your lab manager, and ask them what they need from you to finish your degree properly. The list can include the following items...

  • Degree Credits (this should be checked more than a year before graduation)
  • Library cards and book loans
  • Dissertation submission deadline and defending your thesis meeting
  • Printing out your thesis
  • Arrangingyour lab notebook
  • Discussing with PI any additional experimental tasks which he/she requires. Also, you should discuss any future articles or reports that should be submitted before leaving.
  • Check with the lab manager and see how you arrange samples for archiving, lab notebooks, lists of samples and their location etc.

Labguru can make your life easier in regard to the last three points. This is simply because all the information and your goals are constantly updated. This is one reason why many PIs like Labguru – it helps them with all the administration and remove extraneous things to keep in mind.