Another Building Block in our Network: BioExecutive Forum

BioData relies heavily on our excellent networking system. We constantly get leads and feedback from a good set of researchers and friends. This helps us both position BioKM™ and improve our service. We try to constantly be in touch with our market. (We use many online tools to keep the "beat" I should probably blog about it more in the future). Marketing is the key to our success and our network is the road that takes us there. Our network is one of our core assets. A young company in uncharted waters can see from the water level, but a birds-eye-view can provide great insight, not all birds are alike but we try to mingle with many of them.

I had a good conversation with few people over the BioExecutive Forum. The term "Crossing the Chasm" repeated in our conversations, also "Opinion leaders" these are the buzzwords marketing and managers use to say: "hey, we need someone to show us the way or at least walk us through..." (to simplify). You can be an expert in your domain, fighting cancer, formulating medicine, researching pathogens but at the end it all boils down to marketing. Someone should buy your service, use you medicine, read your paper. Marketing is all around us. It runs deep in all levels of our communication.

The term "network" is somewhat misleading, too technical, it's not a number on LinkedIn, or the number of people follow you on twitter (although it's always good to have more then a few), we believe it's about the dialog you can establish with these people. Real substantial dialog. This is the challenge running an online service. The platform we are creating with the BioExecutive Forum was a proof to this notion. Although it's local and somewhat limited we learned a lot. Also feedback was great.

The quest for expanding our network continues, we will blog more about this dialog and feedback provided, as this blog is a part of it.