On The Way to a Nobel - Notes From Lindau

As I prepared for my trip to the Lindau, Germany for the 61st meeting of Nobel Laureates, I decided that for the first time in 4 years, I was going to leave my laptop home. In its place was an iPad 2 supplied by BioData that I have been incorporating into my daily routine over the past few weeks.  I’ve equipped my iPad with Apps that make it ideal for doing science and traveling, Papers, GoodReader, Notes, and BioData. With Papers I have access to all of my papers, Good Reader allows me to mark them up as I would if they were printed, Notes allows me to easily write notes from the talks, and BioData allowed me to keep up to date on experiments that were happening back home in my absence. With this tool kit I set out on my journey to interact with Nobel Laureates and young researchers from around the world. textformat-leading2p-alignleft