More layout control, easier to use eNotebook 2.0 (beta)

We're revamping our electronic lab notebook

Before & after

Before & after

We're kicking off beta testing of our redesigned experiment page workflow, a central part of the eNotebook feature. We've been increasingly hearing that researchers are happy with other non-science specific software tools for recording their research. With that, we focused on bringing the ELN experience more in line with key alternatives for researchers such as Google docs or Evernote - while at the same time maintaining the unique feature set our users love about Labguru in a more intuitive and easier to use manner. 

We're eager to have existing and new users alike test our beta system. 

Things to know about the beta:

  • You can opt-in and opt-out of using beta UI so your old workflow will be preserved.
  • Launches next week (week of 10/25)
  • We ask for all feedback to be delivered through our in-app system messaging system