Mobile workflows for researchers

Going with the Mobile Flow

Mobile features make an electronic lab notebook (ELN) more adaptable and  efficient.

The ability to do more with mobile devices, though, will probably increase over time. At BioData in Cambridge, Massachusetts, marketing director Xavier Armand says, “We allow easy, real-time data capture of life science research directly from the bench to Labguru, our ELN.” Down the road, smart watches could even be used with this technology. Armand says, “We’ve had internal talks—blue-sky thinking—around protocol control via a smart watch to execute protocols on the bench and even use gestures to control the changes.”

BioData already offers an iPad app for Labguru that runs protocols. “You can set timers that will trigger messages when, say, a centrifuge run is done,” Armand explains. He adds that Labguru “leverages modern frameworks, making it mobile-responsive so it adapts to various screen sizes—key to living in a multiscreen world.”