Labguru Steps up to the Plate

Though Jeter is no longer stepping up to the plate, we're just getting started. In close consultation with customers including Victoria Yoon from Gladstone's Huang Lab and Alexander Chamessian from Duke's Ji Lab we've rolled out the ability to add a plate element to your protocol and experiment layouts. You may select the plate size, and quickly define the contents of each well. Here's a short video to see it in action:

Well, well, well. Researchers may now easily and intuitively define the contents of each well in their plates, and link each sample and plate to its experiment. 

As always, researchers can connect plates and samples to make it easy to keep track of your research activities.

We're already working on improving the plate layout, with plans like:

  • Adding tool-tips when hovering above each well
  • Saving plates in storage
  • Importing plate reader data files

What other functionality would you like to see? Join the discussion below!