Business, compliance and commercial strategy for NIH SBIR STTR awardees

Enhanced Research Project Management for Collaborative Research Projects

The NIH SBIR/STTR program provides the financial foundation to help small business go to market and to provide a path to commercialization for academic research. This concept of ‘open innovation’ is creating a common strategic framework for academic labs to partner with R&D centers on a range of activities - from early stage identification of drug targets to validation of disease models - leveraging different areas of expertise towards a common goal.

Looking at the application guidelines for SBIR/STTR grants, we found key strategic symbioses between what the NIH are expecting and what Labguru provides. These complementary aspects will, we believe, benefit both funder and awardee, enabling collaboration at a much higher level.

Research project management, with goals, milestonesand timelines differs greatly from the structure of traditional academic grants like RO1s where the goal is publications.  A research management app like Labguru can prepare scientists for a commercial future.

We explore research strategy, data sharing, and communication requirements as well as solutions in the full article here.

Compliance and Good Laboratory Practice

Preparing for commercialization often means preparing for an due diligence audit from a larger firm or preparing documentation, records, and environment for clinical studies. Both require organized and secure environments. The GLP regulations require documentation of any laboratory worksheets, records, memoranda, notes or exact copies thereof, that are the result of original observations and activities of a non-clinical laboratory study and are necessary for the reconstruction and evaluation of the report of that study and an archive for orderly storage and expedient retrieval of all raw data, documentation, protocols/plans, and specimens generated as the result of a non-clinical laboratory study. (From wikipedia)

By utilizing Labguru, you are organizing and preparing your research for expedient retrieval as you go. Protocols are organized and versioned, specimens are tracked with all associated metadata and experimental history, and war data is exportable and available. Labguru is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant - the FDA standard for electronic record keeping - so you'll already be in compliance. Click the link below to learn more... 

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