BioKM Update: Project-Email Integration

biokm_update_smallWe are excited to announce a new feature in BioKM: Project-Email Integration. This new feature gives project related emails a place in BioKM. Project-Email Integration is especially helpful when there is communications via email regarding a project (i.e. discussions with a remote lab or service company).

Using this feature will allow you to see all the project's information and easily view all its related emails from your project page simply by sending emails directly to your project or B'CC / CC the project address for future reference.

* Enter your project Track and click on "Mail", save the unique address (or copy) to your mail application (outlook, eudura, etc.) * Due to security issues you must send the emails from the same address that appears on BioKM (You also must be a member of the project you are sending the message to).

The following is a short 1 minute video demonstrating this new feature.

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