The Joys of Academic Conferences... An Original Labguru Cartoon

Our dedicated Labguru team just got back from another productive, wonderfully chaotic and interactive conference - Experimental Biology 2013 in Boston, MA.  Like we do several times each year, we hosted a booth on the exhibition floor that allowed us to showcase the latest version of our laboratory management software Labguru, give away incredible raffle prizes but most importantly talk with a range of scientists (from undergrads to tenured professors) about how to help them do their science better and faster.  Whatever your purpose in attending a conference, these three or four-day events are always jam-packed with things to do, people to see and science to absorb. It's wonderful, but can also be stressful. Labguru cartoonist Nik Papageorgiou illustrates this in our latest comic.  So whether you just got back from EB2013 or are still planning your next large conference, sit back, have a laugh and make your next conference the best one yet!

Biodata 2013 comic1v2.png

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We'd love to hear some of your stories about conference experiences... from the funny, to the awkward to the downright any!  Drop us a comment below with some of your best (or worst!) experiences.