A message from our CEO Jonathan Gross

Jonathan GrossWe are now entering our third year at BioData. Since the beginning, listening to our customers has been our top priority. BioKM was developed primarily with feedback from our customers- the every day bench scientist. Your continuous feedback allows us to fulfill our goal of providing you with the best platform for research management. Here are some customer suggestions that you can look forward to seeing in BioKM in 2010.

Projects Module:

The project module forms the heart of BioKM. Prior to the development of the BioKM project module scientist commonly quipped that “project management is for industry” and “you can’t really plan research.” While that certainly is true, by stripping away the rigid formalities common to project management such as gantt charts, resource restrictions, budgets etc, and focusing more on the role of project management in a research lab environment we came up with a module that is focused on the specific needs of the bench scientist. Currently there are about 500 research projects being managed through BioKM.

What’s next? We are working on improving the way you communicate with BioKM. Soon you will be able to send emails directly to your BioKM project which will allow you to keep track of project related emails within BioKM. Currently, the only way to keep track of email conversations that relate to your project is by old fashion cutting and pasting. Enabling email conversations to be directly recorded into BioKM will ensure that all project-relevant communications are captured in the system and are easily accessible when needed.


In search of the perfect tool for inter-laboratory collaboration we will be making it easier for you to send information from BioKM to external collaborators without requiring them to become a member of your formal BioKM lab. In order to maintain security and confidentiality you will have full autonomy over which information your collaborators can read or edit and the ability to expire their access as required.

Tracking & Reporting:

Now it will be easier than ever to stay informed with what’s happening both within your lab and within your industry. We are currently modifying the BioKM reporting module to send you a daily digest with recently published news stories and publications related to your research projects.


In 2010, we will be adding the much anticipated image library that will allow you to browse through all the images in your BioKM account.

Customer Support:

We are committed to our customer service and support. Every page of BioKM prominently displays a help and support tab. Additionally, our customers can email any questions, comments, or suggestions to [email protected] We also provide support via telephone 1-800-314-6652.

These are just a few of the functions we will add this year as a result of your feedback. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and supporting your research in this new year.

Best wished for a successful and productive 2010.

Jonathan Gross

CEO & Founder

BioData Inc.