6 Favorite Mobile Apps for Life Science Labs

 With the recent announcement of the iPhone 5S/5C, and the expected release of newer models by the big mobile manufacturers, it's time to see how you can harness the power of your smartphone for the benefit of your lab research. Here's a selection of 6 apps that can help you do more science:


CloningBench (free)

Created by Life Technologies Corp., this app comes to the aid of molecular biologists with calculators to get the volumes, concentrations and ratios of their vector cloning. The app boasts a double-digestion finder and of course nestled links to Life's plethora of products. Very nicely implemented and effective app.

Cell Culture (free)

Simply put, Cell culture is an excellent companion to all who work with cultured cells. It combines four countdown/count-up timers, cell counter, various calculators (dilutions, passage cells, doubling time) and analysis of culture growth and assessment of doubling time. The data collection can be sent via email for desktop analysis or graph preparations.

Labguru Mobile (free)

The new Labguru mobile app is both a stand alone or a complementary app for the Labguru iPad application. The smartphone version extends the researcher's abilities in areas where mobility is crucial such as storing/retrieving samples, conducting experiments on the bench (soon to come), updating and ordering supplies (soon to come) and even taking pictures for documentation purposes. The app is synced to the researcher's Labguru account and thus saves precious time and keeps precious data and know-how safe and secure.       

Fast Counter ($3.99)

A very elegant app that helps counting bacterial/yeast colonies growing on petri dish plates. The app boasts manual and automatic counting methods and the data can be exported to your email.

Buffers (free)

Buffers, by current protocols, enable the researcher to quickly prepare common buffers from two stock solutions. The user inputs the required buffer settings (pH, volume, concentration and temperature) and the stock's concentration to get the volume required to prepare the buffer. Very handy.

PubChase (free) 

PubChase, produced by ZappyLab, is a scientific literature search and recommendation tool, allowing researchers to search papers, organize them in a library, and discover new ones of interest.


Do you have any favourite apps for the lab? Let us know in the comments below!