20,000 Tubes Under A Deep Freeze

Labguru lets you manage all kinds of inventory containers – from cabinets to bottles. The most popular container by far, though, is the tube. Our researchers have cataloged a combined 1.5 MILLION of them, and the average lab has 20,000 to deal with.

The standard tube is 10 mm. in diameter and 30 mm. high. It is destined to be stored in a freezer and live in boxes and racks with hundreds of other tubes.

Unless you have a side job writing names on grains of rice, hand-labeling these tubes is a nightmare. They’re small, slippery, and – let’s be honest – penmanship is not taught in school anymore. Trying to read the tubes you labeled is hard enough, never mind the tubes that were labeled by a researcher who left the lab long ago.

We wanted to improve this situation. We also wanted to play with cool hardware. So we created Labelguru. Labelguru is a printer + device that is connected directly to your Labguru tubes database, via your lab’s network.

Create a tube – print a label. Create a whole box of tubes – print labels for them all. The printer is IN THE LAB! Your computer doesn’t have to go along. You can set everything up from your desk, then go to the lab and have the labels waiting for you.

Labelguru prints top and side labels, and optionally includes an automatically generated barcode. No more fumbling with fine point markers and tiny tubes. No more wondering what the heck “sqbzr 32” means. Just the calm feeling of knowing that your specimens are safe and accounted for, chilling in the freezer.

Want to know more? Check out the video, then contact us and we’ll tell you how to get Labelguru in your lab.